Hormel Black Label Bacon

You have a favorite movie, cocktail, beer, sports team, tv show – you’re not a fair weather fan nor favorite drink flip-flopper. You know what you like and rarely lack opinion. When you’re out you proudly call your whiskey – so why leave something as important as bacon up to chance. Call your bacon like you call your drink.

When you call, choose and cook Hormel® Black Label® Bacon, because you’re telegraphing that you don’t mess around when it comes to bacon. Hormel Black Label is the bacon for serious bacon lovers like yourself. We’ve been perfecting our bacon flavor for over 100 years. We produce the highest caliber of bacon using strict specifications and natural hardwood smoke. And just like other exclusive clubs – we created the Bacon Party – the only club dedicated to those who are in constant pursuit of baconess and who have an unwavering love for high-quality bacon.

To view all of our varieties visit: http://www.hormel.com/Brands/BlackLabelBacon

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